AAPL - Apple Inc. - Launch of iPhone5S Keynote Transcript

    Company Name:Apple Inc.
    Event Title:Launch of iPhone5S Keynote Transcript
    Event Date:10-Sep-2013
    Event Time:01:00 PM ET


    Tim Cook

    Chief Executive Officer
    Good morning. It's great to see everyone. Thank you very much for joining us and welcome to Cupertino.

    A special welcome goes out to those joining us in Beijing and Berlin and Tokyo this morning. We are really excited to show you a few things this morning that we are really proud of. But before we dive into that, I've got some updates on some exciting things happening around the company this month in September.

    The iTunes Festival began earlier this month. The iTunes Festival is the perfect way for us to celebrate our passion for music with some of our favorite artists. This is a seventh year in a row we've been running the festival and this year is the best one yet. It is 30 unforgettable nights of live performances in London. We have the most incredible lineup with global superstars and stellar emerging artists. It's really some incredible headliners.

    Lady Gaga opened the festival and she performed her new full length album before it was released. And we can't wait to see Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry and so many of the others. All the concerts are held here in the historic Roundhouse in London. It's a beautiful, incredible, intimate place to see a concert. And despite it being the hottest ticket in London, we don't charge anything to get in.

    Now, as you might guess, demand for these concerts had been off the charts. 20 million people applied for ticket. It's like an opening weekend for product. Now, we wanted everyone to enjoy this experience, and so we are live streaming the concerts to over 100 countries and many of these concerts are also available on demand.

    Eddy's team prepared a simple and elegant app. And so fans can enjoy the concerts on their iPad or iPhone or they can enjoy in their Mac or PC and iTunes or you can enjoy it on Apple TV in beautiful HD quality. The enthusiasm and excitement around the festival is just incredible and we prepared a video and I'd love to show it for you this morning.

    [Audio-Video Presentation]

    It's a months of incredible music, I'd really encourage you to catch a couple of concerts, they are unbelievable.

    Also this month we have a lot of excitement in retail. As many of you know, we have been expanding our footprint outside the United States but this month, our attention turns home. A few miles from here in Stanford Shopping Center, we've had this small 1,100 square foot store and despite the size of it, our teams have served 5 million customers there in just nine years. And they have recently been serving 2,000 per day in this space.

    Now this store has long been overdue for an expansion. And this weekend, we replaced it with this store. This store is a gorgeous pavilion design with glass on three sides and a cantilever roof supported by the three sides of glass. It's an architectural marvel, it's absolutely stunning. It's also over eight times the size of the other store that you just saw.

    Now the store consists of two rooms. In the front room, you can get your hands on all of our products, you can have a really hands-on experience. And in the other room you have access to all of our services from the genius bar to personal setup to one-to-one training. This was the opening, it was really great, lot of excitement. That's our new Stanford store. I would encourage you to drop by after today's event. It's really great to see. Our retail teams do an incredible job. They do retail like no one else.

    Now also this month, we've been hard at work on completing iOS 7. Now of course, iOS 7 is the latest version of the world's most advanced mobile operating system. And next month, we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device. And since we make updates easy and make them available to as many customers as possible, iOS 7 will quickly become the world's most popular mobile operating system. It's packed with amazing features and a stunning new user interface.

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