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    Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
    Event Title:Business Update Call Transcript
    Event Date:15-Jul-2013
    Event Time:09:00 AM ET



    What I would like to do now is invite Eric Rudder to come; and he is Executive Vice President for Advanced Strategy and Research for Microsoft. Eric Rudder is responsible for the company's overall technology strategy, technology policy and forward-looking development efforts and he also overseas Microsoft Research as well as other activities like the trustworthy computing group, technology policy and start up business group for example. So, Eric? Ladies and gentlemen, Eric Rudder.

    Eric Rudder

    Executive Vice President, Advanced Strategy and Research
    Good morning. Thanks for joining us today. I think one of the key things for the Faculty Summit is, it really gives us a chance to really create more opportunities to collaborate better together. And I want to thank you guys, because in the past, you really pushed us to think about collaborating and new interesting ways. actually at when at a few years ago that folks came up to us and said that connect sensor it's really cool, I would really use to love to us with some of some of my research.

    Why can't you just make available for us to and we went and we were like that's kind of right and we went back and we build the connect STK and got a tremendous amount of collaboration and support. And so those types of ideas and that type of brainstorming that comes out of the event is really important to us and encourage you to share the feedback, share the verbatim's on the survey, because we really do think about new ways to collaborate. I think going forward, there is a lot of new technologies and ideas in terms of collaborating here to share data.

    I know we are actually working with some of you in the audience on a new research collaboration operation, literally around some of the code analytics for all Microsoft's code base. we call the internal system code mine sometimes the group TSE. but we have taken that data share made it available.

    And now that we have amazing cloud services with -- I think the ability to take some of our large datasets that use in research or some common industry datasets that we all use like image and we talked about video I think there is a lot of ideas that we can talk back and forth about in terms of collaborating together. So I encourage you to take that to heart and to with us and challenge us what the best way we can collaborate together as. The other thing that was interesting when I was thinking about some of the feedback to involve more people in summit.

    I think we've worked really hard to get focus across the company across here. I know our internal attendance is 50%. So hopefully you get a chance to make a good connection with when someone in Microsoft Research or in the product group. Be carefully what you ask for tenant, I know Peter Lee at the all hands actually encourage the Microsoft Research Group to sink the boat tonight.

    I don't think we necessarily want to sink the boat, but I do think there will be a ton of folks.

    And the other thing is with colleagues, I know it's hard to get everyone in the room at the same time but with the virtual summit we have streaming now we have about 33,000 people participated last year and we expect 1,000s to see this material as well.

    So I think there is a lots of opportunities going forward. With that I actually want to go to the last thing you have asked us for to increase the timing here with the senior Microsoft leader. So my main duty today is to introduce Bill who's a man who needs no introduction.

    But he is a man who has a daughter who is thinking about college next year. I know this is typically summer time when we trying to kind of do college visits and gather up all that material. Many of work at universities, you might have some of those pamphlets. I encourage you to leave all those stack on top and maybe we can see if Bill sometime for he may joining us today.

    But I think he will do a great session then we will have a Q&A with Bill. But thank you for coming and please welcome Microsoft Chairmen Bill Gates.

    Bill Gates

    Well, good morning, it's great to be here. I haven't been here for over five years. So it's great to see the way this event has grown.

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