GOOG - Google Inc. - Annual Meeting of Stockholders Transcript

    Company Name:Google Inc.
    Event Title:Annual Meeting of Stockholders Transcript
    Event Date:06-Jun-2013
    Event Time:05:00 PM ET


    Corporate Participant

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Executive Chairman of Google, Dr. Eric Schmidt.

    Eric E. Schmidt

    Executive Chairman
    Well good afternoon. It's great to be back to the annual shareholder meeting. I hope we are going to have a very good hour, 1:15 or so here. Let me ask a first who all was here at our first shareholder meeting. Welcome back let's have a round of applause for the people who've been here forever by the way you guys were there too, you didn't raise your hands right the peanut gallery here was here the whole time right. Anyway so welcome to our meeting I hope you guys enjoy the lunch and the demos outside if you don't get a chance I think the demos are there going to be there for a while. I hope everyone has registered, if you are not registered please register so we should have a record that you were here and everybody here has a copy of the agenda they were on your chairs so if you don't have it I am sure we can get on if you didn't find it and on the back of the agenda is the rules for the meeting.

    And that's how we're going to conduct the meeting. I'm going to call the meeting to order.

    I want to start by introducing we have some non-Executive Directors of the company here in attendance. For example, we have John Doerr, I think everybody knows John, he's right here. We have John Hennessy, right here. And we have Ram Shriram and we have a couple of other Google executives who we'll introduce shortly.

    And we have some other members of Google management, I saw Kent Walker here, David Drummond who you will see in a bit and of course Larry is here and few others you will see as we come along.

    We also have Deborah Kelly, she is a representative of CompuShare where is Deborah there she is, hi Deborah. We see you every year don't we right, same place same location right?

    And she serves as our Inspector of Election so be careful and count correctly. And Barbara Machin, Alice and Sam is at Lazarakis, Sam where are you guys here they are raise the hand right over here in opposite corners and they are Ernst & Young who are accountants and they do a great job for us and you can talk to them about all of that.

    I would like to start let's go ahead and proceed with our legally required part of this meeting and David you want to get started this is David Drummond. David is one of my very close friends and he is somebody who has driven our strategies our M&A strategies our legal strategies and pretty much everything interesting in conflict and governments forever, David.

    David C. Drummond

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer
    Alright, thanks Eric. Welcome everybody to another annual meeting. I always look forward to this day because I can walk around in the campus without being looked at like I am out of my mind.

    So we are really glad to see all of you over here. So quick few notes and then we'll get into the agenda.

    Logistically the rules and procedure that are governing us today stockholders shouldn't address the meeting until you are recognized. We'll provide a Q&A period at the end so you can ask your questions when we finish all of the formal business.

    Now if you want to ask a question during the Q&A period, please move over to one of the microphones then you see in the isles.

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