CYTK - Cytokinetics, Incorporated - Canaccord Genuity's 33rd Annual Growth Conference Transcript

    Company Name:Cytokinetics, Incorporated
    Event Title:Canaccord Genuity's 33rd Annual Growth Conference Transcript
    Event Date:15-Aug-2013
    Event Time:11:00 AM ET


    Ritu Baral

    Analyst, Canaccord Genuity
    Thank you everyone for coming to the Cytokinetics presentation here at the Canaccord Global Growth Conference. I am Senior Biotech Analyst, Ritu Baral.

    Presenting the first few slides will be Robert Blum, President and CEO of the company, and then we're launch into Q&A chat session where we'll be taking asking -- well I'll be asking questions and taking questions from the audience as well. Robert?

    Robert I. Blum

    Chief Executive Officer
    Thank you Ritu and thank you to the organizers of Canaccord for inviting Cytokinetics to participate today. I will be making some forward-looking statements, refer you to our SEC filings, we undertake no obligation to update those forward-looking statements, but they are properly by this disclosure.

    Cytokinetics is a muscle biology focused company, we are a pioneer in new pharmaceuticals direct into the mechanics of muscle contractility and in particular compounds that are intended to activate muscle contractility for potential therapeutic gains.

    On this slide is a depiction slide number four of our pharmaceutical development pipeline, which then emphasis to two programs in particular, a cardiac muscle program and a skeletal muscle program, omecamtiv mecarbil is a first-in-class novel mechanism, cardiac myosin activator is being developed for the potential treatment of heart failure. It comes in forms both intervenous and oral. It's been the subject of over 10 completed clinical trials, many of which already been published and all of which have been presented.

    It's now the subject of an ongoing Phase II program with data expected very soon, we expect the ATOMIC AHF results that I think we too are want to speak to a bit more in a moment will be presented on September 3rd as a late record clinical trial at the European Society of Cardiology.

    Last night Cytokinetics also issued a press release relating to an investor event that we will be holding immediately after those data are presented by the lead investigator John Teerlink at that Medical Congress, afterwards Cytokinetics will be hosting an Investor Event with members of management and also John Teerlink and others that will be also webcast. So we're looking forward to that data being presented on September 3rd is a late breaker at the European Society of Cardiology and also as we'll be followed as a late breaker at the Heart Failure Society of America meeting on September 23rd.

    Omecamtiv mecarbil was also the subject of an ongoing study of oral forms in a trial called COSMIC and those data are expected afterwards more likely in early 2014. The atomic study data together with the COSMIC study data will inform the progression into phase 3. Under our collaboration with Amgen , we hope that may occur next year. With that may be as an intro we can talk about the cardiac program and then maybe we can come back to the skeletal program as you wish.

    Ritu Baral

    Canaccord Genuity
    Yeah. That would great. I mean our investor focus recently has been all about the ATOMIC data coming out on September 3rd. There had been.

    I mean there had been a lot of development in heart failure recently with serelaxin and just to -- about the new scale. So could you go into just a little bit of detail about what your primary endpoint in this trial is and how -- what sort of data is going to be released top line?

    Robert I. Blum

    Chief Executive Officer
    So the ATOMIC study as Sharon will pull up on the study design is intended to look at three escalating doses of omecamtiv mecarbil , each one administered over 48 hours as intravenous infusion Cohort 1 is 200 patients, therefore 100 patients on drug, 100 on placebo and then Cohort 2 same design and medium dose Cohort 3 are higher dose but same design. So 600 patients in total, 300 on placebo, 100 on each of three different doses of omecamtiv mecarbil .

    The primary efficacy endpoint is the responder analysis with respect to dyspnea as a bit of background.

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