NFLX - Netflix, Inc. - Q2 2013 Earnings Call Transcript

    Company Name:Netflix, Inc.
    Event Title:Q2 2013 Earnings Call Transcript
    Event Date:22-Jul-2013
    Event Time:06:00 PM ET



    Erin Kasenchak, Director of Investor Relations. Welcome to this live video interview for our 2013 Second Quarter Earnings Results.

    We may make forward-looking statements during today's interview and results may differ from those statements.

    Now I would like to turn it over to Reed Hastings, our CEO.

    Reed Hastings

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Thanks Aaron. We focused on efficient and effective investor communication for a long-time. We worked through our shareholder letter, our long-term view. In terms of the Q&A we've always admire the fireside chat format at investor conference at being the most dynamic and interesting and this is our attempt to bring that value to the broad online public. Now we're on our webcams on our laptops and on YouTube's so, I hope the quality is acceptable and we look forward to any suggestion from you afterwards.

    With me today from Beverly Hills is Ted Sarandos, our Chief Content Officer.

    Ted Sarandos

    Chief Content Officer
    Thanks Reed. Glad to be here today.

    Reed Hastings

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Thanks Ted. And also with me is David Wells, our CFO.

    David Wells

    Chief Financial Officer
    Thanks Reed. I think at this point we'll start the questions. I'm going to turn it over to our first interviewer Rich Greenfield from BTIG.

    Corporate Participant

    Actually I think we're going to let Julia start-off. Julia why don't you kick off.

    Julia Boorstin

    Thanks so much. Julia Boorstin here from CNBC. I just wanted to say that Rich and I have been emailed and treated a wide range of questions from a range of institutional investors, individual shareholders', certified analysts, and also other companies in the media industry. Now because there was a lot of over allotment of questions we are not going to be attributing individual questions, but rather trying to compile them all, and get through as many as possible.

    We received by email a very wide range and a lot of questions. So we are going to get right to it and the first question is about the format of the call. Reed this question is for you. You alluded to a little bit, but there has been a lot of criticism about your decision to format the call this way. How do you address concerns that it actually minimizes the ability of investors to communicate directly with you?

    Reed Hastings

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Well I think we process that after the --. Let's see if it's productive and useful for investors and see lets' what they think.

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