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Could the iPhone5S be the Boost Apple has Been on the Lookout for?   

By EI Staff | September 12, 2013

Ways in which the iPhone5S distinguishes itself from other iPhone predecessors

Cupertino, California-based Apple Inc. has pinned its hopes on the new iPhone5S which promises several additional features along with a price tag which could leave many wondering where its focus lies.

At Apple’s recent iPhone5S keynote, while CEO Tim Cook mostly spoke on topics such as the iTunes Festival and the upcoming iOS 7, other speakers at the keynote provided lengthy descriptions of what the 5S brings to the table.

Philip Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing noted that the iPhone 5S is made of high grade aluminum with diamond cut, chamfered edges, perfectly matched glass inlays. He also called it the ‘gold standard in smartphones’ with every detail considered to make it beautiful. The 5S brings 3 major features or innovations which make it unique from earlier models.

First, the A7 chip. This is the first ever 64-bit chip to be added into any phone. Philip Schiller goes on to state that the A7 “has a lot of great technology in it, the number that just stands out above all else has over a billion transistors in it. And this fits in a die that's about the same size as the previous generation A6. It's about twice as many transistors, it's remarkable. The A7 is up to twice as fast as the previous generation system at CPU tasks. And it's up to twice as fast at graphics tasks as well”.
The A7 would also work alongside the M7 motion co-processor. The M7 would take advantage of all sensors and measure the data coming from them without waking up the A7 chip, measuring the accelerometer, the gyroscope and compass.

Second, the 5S’s camera. The camera comes packed with features such as a new lens, a new sensor, auto image stabilization, the new burst mode and others. The new sensor has a 15% larger active area with 1.5 micron sized pixels, larger than the iPhone 5 and much larger than competitive phones. Apple feels that the secret behind taking a better picture is bigger pixel size. If this does turn out to be true, the 5S does have a big pluspoint in terms of its sensor.

The flash in the iPhone 5S comes with 2 LEDs, one a cooler white and the other a warmer amber one. Philip Schiller calls this move a ‘breakthrough’ as such flash capability has never been included in any camera model, let alone a phone’s camera.

The iPhone 5S’s third innovative feature: Touch ID. Apple’s 5S supports the new Touch ID sensor, which enables you to unlock your phone through your fingerprint. It has also been conveniently located right into the Home button of the 5S. On the Touch ID sensor, Philip Schiller also adds that “around it is a stainless detection ring. So the sensor knows when to read your fingerprint just by the fact that your fingers are on the button, you don't even have to click it”.

With features such as the above plus many more and also sporting a price tag starting from $199, the iPhone 5S certainly looks like it could have a huge impact on the current smartphone environment.

To find Tim Cook and Philip Schiller’s complete presentation around the iPhone 5S at the keynote address visit

Transcript of Apple's Launch Event for the iPhone5S

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